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Our entertainment law firm is here to help you navigate the complex world of content creation. Whether you’re a film production company, a television network, a YouTube channel, or a theater troupe, we’ve got you covered. We’ll review and negotiate contracts, protect your intellectual property, manage your business affairs, and help resolve any disputes that may arise.

We represent a wide range of content creation companies, from podcast producers to mini and major studios. We also help studios and producers with their day-to-day legal needs during production.


Development Agreements

We help to secure the necessary rights and permissions for the development and production of content.

  • Shopping Agreements
  • Collaboration Agreements
  • Attachment Agreements
  • Letters of Intent
  • Rights Acquisition
  • Option Purchase Agreements
  • Financing Agreements

Production Agreements

We help start-up studios, production companies, and content creators with their in-house agreements. Some specific types of agreements we craft include:

  • Production Service Agreements
  • Crew Agreements
  • Actors, Writers, and Producers
  • Locations, Equipment, Vendors
  • Visual Effects, Asset Creation
  • Music Licenses
  • NDAs
  • Credits
  • Insurance, Permits, and Other Regulatory Matters


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Our Production Plus™ Approach

At Lastine Entertainment Law, we utilize a unique Production Plus™ Approach to ensure a smooth production every time. We have a strong understanding of the entertainment industry and the specific needs of our clients, which enables us to provide valuable counsel and representation in a range of legal matters related to the production of entertainment content.

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We Are Passionate

Our team facilitates the operation of big, small, and micro productions. As part of our Production Plus™ Approach, we take care of day-to-day legal matters and negotiate contracts with actors, composers, crew, locations, equipment vendors, and others. We also advise on practical matters, such as the creation and management of budgets and schedules for productions, as well as handling issues related to insurance, permits, and other regulatory matters.

We’re passionate about filmmaking, and we understand the intricacies of content production. Our passion for entertainment drives us to go the extra mile for our clients every day. We help give producers peace of mind before, during, and after the production process – from the green light to the final credit lock.

If you want legal representation that’s as talented and creative as you are, give us a call. We even make set visits to production locations/film sites to make sure production is running smoothly. We’ll make sure your show is always protected and keep the wheels on the track running smoothly!

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