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Robust Approach

Lastine Entertainment Law takes a robust, 360-degree approach to the entertainment industry. We understand the needs of all stakeholders involved and negotiate the best deals for our clients.


Dealmaking, Not “Deal Breaking”

Our win-win dealmaking philosophy leads to successful collaborations with both small and major industry players. Applying our win-win mentality in dealmaking equally to small and large industry players is the key to our most successful collaborations across the creative spectrum.

Hollywood deals require a lot of compromises. We understand what each side values and work to find solutions that are acceptable to all parties. We have a unique ability to see and facilitate these compromises intuitively. We understand the gives and listen to what is important to each party to close the deal. We do this by taking a holistic approach that considers every aspect of the dealmaking process.

We offer a wide range of entertainment law services to our clients, including:

  • Entertainment Contract Drafting
  • Rights Acquisition and Option Purchase Agreements
  • Domestic and International Production Legal
  • Talent Agreements and Work-For-Hires
  • Actor Coaching and Writer Workshops
  • Manager and Agency Agreements
  • Unscripted TV/Documentary Clearance
  • Chain-of-Title Review
  • Tax Incentives, Permits, and Regulatory Affairs,
  • Outside Counsel and Business Affairs Advising

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Comprehensive Entertainment Law Services

At Lastine Entertainment Law, our services extend to just about every aspect of the industry, including:

  • Talent Representation
  • Content Development and Production
  • Entertainment Start-Ups
  • AR, VR, And New Media
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Development
  • Production Management

This list is by no means exhaustive. We have the background and experience to assist you with just about any entertainment law matter you may have.

Putting Clients First

At our law firm, we believe that strong communication is the foundation of any successful relationship. That’s why we strive to build meaningful connections with our clients through open, honest, and frequent communication. We’re here to help you reach your creative, professional, and personal goals through a collaborative process. We don’t just work for you – we work alongside you, offering our full support and dedication as you strive to achieve your dreams. We are committed to listening to your needs and leveraging our expertise to help you succeed. Together, we can make great things happen.

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